Storm Shield App Reviews

97 add

Love it

Great app, helps me keep track not only of home but also family all around the country.

was better

ever since Ive had my new phone and installed the app I have no maps. it only shows the clouds/radar images Id have given it 5 stars but even after uninstalling and reinstalling it I still have the same issue

Weather info.

Very useful info when needed most

Great app!

This app has saved me a couple of times.

Critical tool

This app is awesome for keeping up to date on not just local weather but my kids locations while at college


I use it every day. Warnings are perfect.


I like this weather app a lot. You can check weather updates in up to five citys. It also alerts you when a storm warning has been issued. Just this passed summer we had a tornado warning issued and I was able to take shelter quickly. Definitely worth it.

Best Weather alert app I have used

I have tried a few.

Amazing and Informative!

I love this app! I have saved my loved ones locations as well. This allows me to receive alerts faster than any other app and is always the most accurate. Useful and informative. Would highly recommend!

Cool app

This app was advertised on my local news station. It was easy to set up, simple to customize (For example, I wont need tsunami warnings living in Tennessee USA).

Solid App

Dont leave home without it


Very good app

Great App

I also use it to know the weather up north where my family is in Angola,NY(Buffalo) so I can check on them if its real bad.

Just a really good app

Lots of features, get notifications, current. An app I trust


Does just what I need.

Great App

Have used this while traveling in the RV and it has helped us avoid trouble many times.

Good job

The app tells me what I need to know and nothing more.

Great app

Great to have!!

Storm Shield

Great app, very informative and easy to use.

Love This App

I am very happy with this app. It has been accurate and very detailed since I have been using it for the last four years. I would highly recommend this app to my family and friends.

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